Pure Magic


Ardin Patterson is an astounding talent with a phenomenal sense of creativity.

She is capable of creating pure magic!

You want this triple threat on your team! 

Ardin Patterson, eyes, makeup, eyeliner, bangs



Ardin has been described as creative, artistic, pleasant and professional.

She is fun to work with and is capable of creating a colourful array of characters through her voice work.

Ardin Patterson, outside, Toronto, pink, streaked hair, arda wigs, leather jacket, girl in jacket, photography



Ardin has a background in music and has been doing vocal performances since age 7. 

Her voice has been described as beautiful, and lulling.

Her background in music has provided her with the ability to create vocals for her characters, that are cute, fun and captivating. 

Rabbit Hole

Ardin Patterson performing Eisley's, "Rabbit Hole."

Copic Coloured Dreams

Written and performed by Ardin Patterson. 

Available to stream on YouTube, Spotify and more!



How can I keep from singing? 

Here are a few cover songs that 

I recorded in my spare time.